Roquetas Lighthouse

It is one of the historic buildings that remains from Roquetas de Mar. In this case, it served for a long period of time, but in recent years it served as home to the head of the port area of the town, until they built the new facilities. Then, this building, owned by the Public Ports of Andalusia, was the subject of a project that allowed recovering this beautiful building with the splendour of its beginnings.

Once the works finished, the Public Ports of Andalusia signed an agreement of transfer of the building with the city of Roquetas de Mar, so it should be used for cultural purposes. Since then, the Lighthouse has become a real exhibition hall which houses all kinds of exhibitions and displays throughout the year, usually in periods of 15 days. Thus, it has two different rooms, in which paintings, sculptures, photographs and any kind of cultural initiative are usually displayed.

The Lighthouse is located in a cultural triangle which also includes the open-air auditorium located in the vicinity and Santa Ana’s Castle. All this makes this environment a highly recommended place if you want to know an area of great historical value to the city.