Roquetas de Mar is an ideal place to enjoy a holiday with your partner and get away from everyday stress and anxiety, since you can choose from staying in a hotel with the highest quality, and large pools on an all full to go out and do plenty of activities. With a multicultural, tolerant and respectful atmosphere, the municipality of Roquetas de Mar presents different options for tourism as a couple. If you want a more natural and sporting environment, your place is the Urbanization. If, on the contrary, you want to dance and enjoy the night and the moon hours, Aguadulce could be your choice.

If you travel as a couple we recommend:

Marinas. Both Roquetas de Mar marina and Aguadulce one are wonderful to walk around and have a drink seaside. When night falls in Aguadulce you can enjoy nightlife with pubs to dance and have fun until the wee hours of the morning. The port of Roquetas de Mar poses a more relaxed atmosphere, ideal for sharing the night calmly and enjoying the coast under the moonlight. In the area of Roquetas you will also find different restaurants, bars, pubs and international pubs, where you can enjoy a night out in a European style.

Enjoy our beaches. Whether you are looking for crowded beaches and beach bars or quieter places we will surprise you. Aguadulce beaches are crowded and near entertainment areas. Urbanization beaches are spacious and full of services and water activities. If you want privacy, Cerrillos beach in Punta Entinas-Sabinar is a pristine beach where the practice of naturism is really common.

Active Tourism. Roquetas has plenty of possibilities to practice sport, from running or cycling, throughout the entire coastline to scuba diving including parasailing, windsurfing, biking, kayaking, etc. Visit our list of companies and choose what you like the most and the option which suits your holiday style.

Food and tapas route. Since you are here you have to know our cuisine there is nothing better than touring the wide range in gastronomic establishments that Roquetas offers you Roquetas. How many times have you heard about the “pescaíto frito”, the portions of squid, the paella or rice with lobster? How about “migas con sardinas”? But if you fancy tasting a well through-out dish of creative cuisine with the fruits of the earth we also have excellent restaurants. You should know that besides rations and gourmet offer, you can choose any “tapa” from a wide variety.

Walks and cultural visits. It is beautiful to discover culture and peculiarities when travelling with your partner. It is a nice experience to walk by the sea. Visiting unique places like Santa Ana’s Castle, Roquetas lighthouse, the Aula del Mar, the Bullfighting Museum and the bull ring, if you like the bullfighting art. You can also enjoy the surroundings and visit Almeria or the Alpujarra.

Water park. Do you like water rides or maybe relaxing in a hammock following the Caribbean style next to a saltwater pool? A Caribbean island with bar, wave pool, mystery cave, “Kamikaces”, multiple slides for competitions and jacuzzi space are some of the options we offer you to enjoy a special day.

Aquarium. The Aquarium of Roquetas de Mar is a unique facility in Andalusia. Visit the different thematic areas about the water cycle and the species that live there. There are areas that replicate global ecosystems, with piranhas and sharks tanks.

Theatre and shows. Roquetas de Mar has one of the most extensive cultural programmess in the province, with different theatre cycles throughout the year and seasonal entertainment programmes and activities. Roquetas Auditorium is a unique musical and theatrical space due to its contemporary architectural beauty and its acoustics.

Shopping. If you want to spend a funny shopping day, please do not miss Grand Plaza Shopping Centre, where apart from fashion brands and accessories, offers you the latest films, the yummiest ice creams and the most delicious coffees and snack at any of the restaurants and bars of different style. Also there is an open mall in the city centre which offers a unique purchase experience. You can visit the food market or the traditional Thursday street market where you can get lost among its different stalls. But before going shopping, we recommend you to have a typical Andalusian breakfast; churros with chocolate.