Roquetas de Mar has an incomparable climate that rarely drops below 18 degrees. Rainfall is scarce and scanty, so you can enjoy many sunny days with moderate and warm temperatures throughout the year.

The geographical location of Roquetas de Mar favors its fabulous weather, and enjoys of intense daylight hours and warm days that influence the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

In the winter months, temperatures are among the highest in Europe and invite to sunbathe and go out, so there are always people on the beach and on the boardwalk walking or playing sports. With 6 hours of sunshine a day and an average of 18 degrees, winter weather in Roquetas de Mar shows the always clear sky and cloudy or rainy days are practically nonexistent. From December to March it is colder when the sun sets, but if you want to go out, you only need to wear a thin jacket.

In summer there are up to 11 hours of sunshine and temperatures can reach up to 38 degrees, mainly in the months of July and August, falling back to mid-September when we find a warm and pleasant weather of 23-27 degrees. In the strong summer months we must be careful with the sun and avoid doing sport in the dangerous hours (when the sun shines more strongly). Apart from this, Roquetas climate is perfect to enjoy the summer and its warm pristine beaches, and above all, an eternal blue and illuminated sky.

The excellent climate of Roquetas de Mar is an added incentive for people from everywhere who want this destination for their holidays.


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