The link between the township and the sea is also shown through its festivals and traditions. Moreover, the scattering of Roquetas into many towns has made that there are several bank holidays. We should mention the following: Las Moragas, San Juan, Virgen del Carmen in Aguadulce, Santa Ana in the Port and Virgen del Rosario in Roquetas.

Las Moragas.

One of the most deeply rooted and curious celebrations are “Las Moragas” which are surprisingly held on the beach on the night of December 29. The good weather allows this ancient tradition that has its origin in a fishing party that was made when the sardine season ended and fishermen gathered around a fire for grilling fish. This party has not only been kept but has become a massive event where thousands of people attend to see the year off by the sea. The celebration extends in the wee hours of the morning.

San Juan´s night.

During that night (on June 23) entire coastline is illuminated with bonfires and the tradition dictates to wash your face in the sea at 12 pm and make a wish.

Santa Ana and Virgen del Carmen Festival.

On July 16, the patron saint of fishermen is celebrated especially in Aguadulce. The typical port celebrations are held on July 25 and 26 which highlights the marine atmosphere and devotion. The figure of the Virgin is moved from the church to the port next to the Lighthouse, where she gets her face washed and is placed inside a boat to go in procession.
This festival, of touristic interest, is lived with a special feeling by Roquetas population. The most touching moment takes places when a fisherman washes her face at the time of the boat arrival.

Virgen del Rosario Festival.

These celebrations, which take place on October 7, are held in honor of the patron saint of the town. For this reason, concerts, sports activities and a parade of floats are organized and stalls and attractions are mounted. Like the rest of Almeria parties, they are enjoyed by day and night. During the day you can enjoy the local cuisine and have fun at the same time in the well-known “Fería del mediodía”. And at night you can relish with concerts, all kinds of activities, markets and attractions for all audiences.

San Marcos Festival.

It is another rooted party in the town, especially in the centre of Roquetas where a procession is held.

Carnival (According to schedule).

Several activities are organized in a party that is increasingly rooted and whose participation is also intensifying. The most important economic awards of the province are shared out in the Free Carnival Contest. It is considered the best carnival of the province without taking into account the capital one.

Otras celebrations.

  • May 15th: Festival of El Parador in honor of San Isidro Labrador.
  • June 13th: Festival of Los Cortijos de Marin in honor of San Antonio.
  • June 24th: Festival of the 200 viviendas in honor of San Juan.
  • July 6th: Festival of Las Marinas in honor of the Blessed Virgin del Mar.
  • July 16th: Aguadulce Festival in honor of the Virgen del Carmen.
  • July 26th: Festival of El Puerto in honor of Santa Ana.
  • August 4th: Festival of The Solanillo in honor of the Virgin Mary of the Mother Church.
  • August 7th: Festival of The Cañailla in honor of San Cayetano.
  • August 15th: Festival of Roquetas in honor of the Virgen de los Vientos.
  • September 7th: Festival of La Gloria in honor of the Virgin of Lourdes.
  • September 15th: Festival of Las Losas honoring Corazón de María.
  • October 7th: Festival in Roquetas-Centre in honor of the Virgen del Rosario, the patron saint of the whole municipality of Roquetas de Mar.


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