Bull ring

Inaugurated on July 19, 2002, the Bull ring of Roquetas de Mar has become a benchmark of the National Fair in our province.

Julian Lopez “El Juli”, Finito de Cordoba and Jesus de Almeria were the first bullfighters in successfully decorate a modern, spacious and spectacular bullfighting arena. With capacity for 7,800 people, the Bull ring has hosted celebrations for history. The presence of “Vitorinos”, who first trod Almería in its long history, or “Miura” accompanied by an enviable cast of bullfighters have placed the city in the most important agendas in the world of bullfighting in our country, a fact that has been recognized with countless awards.

Nine fairs have drawn between “veronicas” and “chicuelinas” a young but dynamic, novel but increasingly skilled, humble but eager to win bull ring. Enrique Ponce, Julian Lopez “El Juli”, Manzanares, El Fandi, Perera, Rivera Ordonez, Cayetano, Padilla or bullfighters from Almeria such us Ruiz Manuel and Torres Jerez among others, have been regular and loyal to the known as “Coso Salinero”.

Roquetas bull ring has garnered, especially in recent years, absolutely packed settings in Santa Ana’s Fair which is held every year around July 26. According to municipal management, the Bull ring has served as indispensable element for the planning of our city, and is a unique attraction in the nerve centre of the town.

In addition, it is the key element that brings the municipality closer to bullfighting tradition from all the areas; with the facilities of the bullfighting museum, the Cycle “El Toros en las Artes ” or university courses during the summer period, placing the National Party in its rightful place within the Spanish culture

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