Roquetas de Mar offers different places to stroll and relax, either in the urban core or in natural areas. Sun invites you to stroll.

Punta Entinas – Sabinar.

Punta Entinas-Sabinar Natural Park is located at the end of the area of urbanization. In this place there are many roads that start from Playa Serena (for walking or cycling) or from the vehicle entrance.

A walk through this place, in the silence of wild nature, is certainly a fascinating and relaxing experience. And even more when it allows us to access to the pristine Cerrillos beach, see the dunes that can reach more than 7 metres in autumn and enjoy migratory birds or discover the remains of the Tower of Cerrillos with over 600 years of history.

We ask you to respect the signs and take care of the natural landscape as being of special environmental protection.

Los Bajos and la Ventilla, roads seaside.

Between Roquetas de Mar and Aguadulce there is a natural area of salt marshes, an ancient royal trace, with typical Mediterranean vegetation and where paths and bike lines for the ride, running and cycling have been enabled Lacking paved road and buildings, to walk along these paths make you feel in the heart of nature near the city centre.

You can also find information boards which explain you some interesting information about this place as well as about the Posidonia fields found under the sea, authentic underwater gardens.

Aguadulce Promenade.

It extends continuously along the beach of this core. Additionally, you will discover a comforting activity when walking along it. Through the walk, which starts at Aguadulce Marina you can see beaches, which are often busy throughout the year. If we look to the east on a clear day, we can see from the city of Almeria to Cabo de Gata whereas if we look to the south we can enjoy the immensity of the coast of Roquetas de Mar, descrying the township in the background.

In addition, there are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops to pause or do some shopping.