Undoubtedly, Roquetas de Mar is an ideal place for a family holiday. There are different areas between town and residential areas with lots of options designed specifically for family groups with children of different ages.

The area of the Urbanization offers a wide hotel selection, a pioneer one in the coast of Almeria and with service packages which are custom-made designed. Since the “all inclusive” to the competitive prices beachfront, all offers are adaptable to your needs. This area is very close to Punta Entinas-Sabinar Natural Park, where the evenings, walking by the sea, are spectacular.

If you are looking for proximity, Santa Ana’s Castle, Romanilla or Salinas areas provide population centres located where, along a long promenade, you can find different hotels, apartments with a specialized rental, beach bars, restaurants, bike lanes and family walking routes.

Enjoy our beaches. In the area of the Urbanization, there are two beaches: Urbanization Beach and Serena beach; two large white sand beaches with all security measures and services you need for a great family day out.

Aquarium. The Aquarium of Roquetas de Mar is a unique facility in Andalusia. Learn through the different thematic areas about the water cycle and the species that live there. Learn about areas that replicate different global ecosystems with sharks and piranhas tanks. At the end of the tour, a surprise awaits you; we can only tell you that you will be able to pet very loving and amazing animals.

Shopping. Gran Plaza Mall. Shopping for adults and families, where apart from finding the major fashion brands, children will enjoy the playroom, cinemas and other unique attractions that this facility offers. You can arrive walking from Romanilla and Salinas beaches, or perhaps after visiting the township and businesses located in the main avenues.

Punta Entinas-Sabinar. Next to the Urbanization, Punta Entinas is a beautiful natural setting where family walks lengthen even when the sun goes down. It is the ideal place to merge with nature and beaches whose horizons are imperceptible for our sight. Enjoy bird watching, pristine beaches, horseback ridings in dunes and Cerrillos Tower, with over 600 years of history.

Water park. There is nothing like spending a day in the swimming pool with the family and enjoying all the water rides you dreamed about. You will relish a saltwater pool with a Caribbean beach bar, wave pool, mystery cave, multiple slides for competitions, playground and much more.

Culture in Family. Cultural activities known as “Walking Street” and seasonal cultural programming are available in Roquetas. Throughout the year, the municipality develops various theatre programmes, storytellers, magicians and other children’s activities which delight young and old people at nights.