What is Roquetas Fidelitas?

Is a single card, Roquetas Fidelitas combines hundreds of offers from outlets with a wide range of complementary tourism activities, so that resident of Roquetas de Mar and visitors to the area alike can enjoy some fabolous extras in the municipality.

It is not linked to any banks, it costs nothing to obtain and there are no fees – the Roquetas Club Fidelitas card is totally free.

What does the card include?

The card entitles you to a wide variety of discounts, gifts and extras in over 150 outlets in the municipality, disconts for some of the activities organised by the Town Council and, in addiction, a generous complementary offer which will help ensure that your visit to Roquetas de Mar is more enjoyable than ever.

How much does the Roquetas Fidelitas card cost?

The Roquetas Fidelitas card is totally free and you can pick one up in any of the affiliated establishments. Once you have it, you can activate it by email quickly and easily.

From this moment to on you can enjoy all the pluses offered by this exclusive Club.

Moreover, at Roquetas Fidelitas we take care of keeping you up to date on the different deals offered by outlets and the complementary offer.

Would you like to know more?

If you need further information, visit the website, send an email to or follow us on our Facebook or Twitter.