Bullfighting Museum

Room 1 – Reception

A small souvenir shop, a counter of attention to the public and a large Audiovisual 60-inch screen in which the excellences of the town of Roquetas de Mar are shown, with special attention to bullfighting but without being this one the only theme of the audiovisual show.

We can also find pieces of travelling exhibitions, artistic way of photographs, paintings and sculptures distributed by the reception room. Also we find the more characteristic objects; those that attract more attention such as a cape or a covert. This room also houses the representations of bullfighters who inaugurated the bull ring as a kind of busts.

Room 2 – Roquetas de Mar

This first room once introduced into the tour of the bullfighting museum and after leaving the reception, gives us way to the “history” of the Bull ring of Roquetas de Mar and shows us the important role that the bullfighting world has in this town and our connection with it.

This room, in turn, serves as recognition of the Bull ring since it dedicates an exclusive space through which it may be made widely known within the municipality and to all museum visitors.

This room features a large touchscreen where visitors can interact to access the bullfighting information of the municipality by audiovisual media, including the most characteristic moments of the bullfights that have been held and different events that have happened around this bullring.

Room 3 – Bullfighting

In this room we can see the different parts that comprise the town council of Roquetas de Mar and the Peña Taurine of Roquetas de Mar, such as costumes of important bullfighters like El Juli, Finito de Cordoba and Jesus Almeria.

In this room the most important pieces are physically exposed but, for information purposes, it also has an integrated touchscreen which is programmed with an application that allows us to know the history in which every object of this room is embroiled.

We cannot only see the different parts but this touch screen tells us in the language we choose the details of each piece, how it was obtained, to whom it belonged and how it became part of the museum.

Room 4 – The bull in the pasture and in the bull ring

This room is dedicated in a more generic sense to publicize the Taurine National History hosting the most characteristic events of this and trying to show in a summarised way the flow of the world of bullfighting at national level as well as its ecological value.

This room is intended to host any part or relevant action which, without being typical of the Roquetas bull ring, has to be accommodated in a bullfighting museum. Its aims are not only to inform but also to educate visitors in this part of the culture so rooted in our country.

There will be here, as in the two previous rooms, a touchscreen that this time will collect the most relevant things of the Taurine National History.

Room 5 – Screening and press rooms

The room that forms the end of the exhibition is dedicated to the scheduled projection of videos related to bullfighting motifs or those considered appropriate in each moment. For this purpose they give the room a high brightness projector that provides a large image format that allows visitors to be immersed in the world of bullfighting with projections, conferences, press conferences, etc.

In conclusion, this Bullfighting Museum of Roquetas de Mar is a Centre of Bullfighting Arts not only aimed at lovers of the world of bullfighting but also aimed to raise awareness of this world to anyone who wants to approach this part of national culture.

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